Daughter of the moving Sun- Spotty

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Few tales include fairies and is much more magical than a fairy tale

It seemed like two different worlds divided by a bridge. One end had the summer sun blazing at its best, while the other had canopies diffusing the laughter of the sun turning it into a soothing smile. She came out of the bushes onto the chequered track, her wet stripes reflecting the sunlight gave an indication that she has just come out of a pool. She ambled across the road like a poet’s pen and sat like a poem on the water body that reflected heaven. That’s how my first meeting with one of the most cherished Tigers in the world unfolded:Introducing Spotty (T-41) of Bandhavgarh.


No hour is darker in a mother’s life than the one when she loses her children . Sukhi Pathia-one of the experienced and famed Tigers of Bandhavgarh has lost her cubs to a marauding male called Blue Eyes in 2011. This was her first litter and it was a heart break for a first time mother

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This is a common phenomenon with an intruding male who has not fathered his off springs with a female living in his jurisdiction. That is the rule of the jungle to keep the gene pool fresh and also an act to keep nature’s balance alive.

Under the canopy of a new stronger male, love blossomed and Sukhi Patiha II gave birth to two new adorable cubs in the year of 2012-13. No one knew that in their adulthood they were braced to change the fate of Bandhavgarh


The first walk out of the cave, the glistering sun and their mother’s tail guided them to a whole new world that was to be their home. From the time when the sudden breeze scared them to their first successful hunt, from the remaining of the milk, on their whiskers to stains of blood on their face, these cubs have seen cycles of sun and grown up with it.

They brought a dawn of new possibilities in an area that was desperate for some. Both the daughters outgrew each other in terms of beauty and grace. Dotty was named after the distinct mark of alphabet D on her forehead as she inherited her father’s blue eyes while Spotty with her Grey eyes and the mark of T on her forehead gave the world goosebumps in terms of her beauty and becomes the protagonist of this story.

From the cub that stumbled on a lose rock, to snuggling to her mother’s leg when confused or scared, today she lifts the responsibility of nurturing 3 sub adults who have inherited her grace, power and confidence.

Today she rules a prime area of the most coveted zone of Bandhavgarh-Tala with panache. An excellent hunter we have recorded her making 2 successful kills in 3 days for her cubs, proving that she has come of age and is here for many seasons to come.

Spotty’s birthplace has been Magadhi but as she grew up, searching for new territories, she crossed the Sher Margh area to reach Damnar in Tala to set up her own kingdom.

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Fictitious it is as of now-but this is like a white page with thoughts hanging in the mind. After her cubs establish their territory would she come to her next cycle and bring in a another generation of tigers, would ‘Noon’ set in.

The dynamics of forest changes with season but as they say change is the only constant, she would soon change her guard and take a new one protecting another set of helpless stumbling feet in another corner of the forest, at another den with different formation and similar darkness.

The sun would come up everyday, to check and inquire about her well being like it has from the time she lost her steps following her mother’s.


The Sun shall wait for her before this section gets filled up