The Tiger and The Humans


From its cub days it has seen the vehicles and has understood that much like the rustling sounds of the leaves, the alarm calls, the chirping of the birds even the noise of the engine is a part of its ecosystem.

Like my friend says- a tiger doesn’t know its name is ‘Tiger’ if it knows anything it is to escape the audible regurgitation of this phonetic. From its cub days when it was following its mother’s tail, it has come to terms with the fact that humans are much like another being in the forest. The curiosity of the cub gives way to boldness in its prime as it realizes that humans can be trusted. Irony is, the tiger doesn’t know the difference between foot patrolling and poachers- between the evil and good humans

Tigers and humans have co-existed and has shared the same space of evolution. While we have almost abolished a species from the face of earth it is now the last sting of hope on which the battle is fought. Presenting a picture that upholds the entire story of man’s love and conflict with the wild


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