‘Chasing the Black’

My second encounter with the elusive….

Black Panther copy BP cpr red

The summer sleeps late and wakes up early. The darkness is short lived then. That day when darkness was retreating due to the march of the day, it left behind a secret and a clue that we were desperate to search.
If the night could walk with a fire in its eye- it would have been best represented by the elusive ‘Black Panther’ that emerged and disappeared like a dust in the storm.
We were waiting at one junction were one vehicle has already seen it before we could reach the spot. The ripples of their laughter were stabbing us silently when a sudden single alarm call from a Chital changed the fate of that morning.
The ghost emerged from the bushes to realize that it was being watched and hurried back to the safety of the unknown.
The spirit of the creature lingered through intermittent calls of Langur, Chital and Malabar Giant Squirrel. The haze of the morning cleared-the sun gleamed on the brown leaves- the air became humid as patience otherwise a virtue in the forest now became a torture. We didn’t budge but only realigned our position to give our hope the best chance.
If you can capture the wind in your palm-we would have seen it back that day. Luck prevailed for few seconds-this is the what Black Magic truly looks like  and it is nothing short of blessing in its truest form


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