Summer Synopsis Kabini 2017

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The metamorphosis has started. As I write this piece, the crack of the parched land has been filled with the hope of monsoon. The memories of summer is now hypnotized by the smell of new life- Kabini has long recovered from the treacherous bite of heat. However, before the dawn of monsoon Kabini saw the sunrise of new hope in its corridor with a high frequency of big cat sightings dotted by the spot of ‘Black’- the ever elusive ‘Black Panther’.

The sudden burst of tiger sighting in the land of leopards has been a welcome change. The stripes have dominated the last season and the onus of it goes to the streak of sub-adults that are trying to nose out in the tourism zone. Having said that, Kabini has not lost the leopard loyalty it is famed for. The dominant males are fighting harder, the intruder (Black Panther) is vying for greener pastures this monsoon. Pheremones are leaving its unseen trail as the cloud thunders above roaring a  change in the land of river Kabini.

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The sub-adult Tigers (The almost full grown cubs of Tiger Tank) along with The Powerline Cubs have been the cynosure of everyone’s eyes this summer. The ever happening waterhole-Tiger Tank was the theater of some great feline moment with multiple tiger families and the occasional Leopard visitors keeping the patch a hotspot for big cat movement. The Powerline cubs owned the GK tank area with dominance especially the male cub that has been the ambassador of new found boldness in Kabini tigers.

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The sub-adult Backwater tigress has only grown in grace. She has spread her territory from the backwaters up till- Hosekere and S-Bend junction.She often crosses the main road and ferries between the zone offering regular sightings.

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The Black Panther has become resident and is only growing bold. He has been busy mating with 2 females and is in the mood to spread his elusive genes and in the land of magic- Kabini.

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The butterfly migration has been delayed this year as the river faced a premature death this summer. The elephant congregation that Kabini has seen in its erstwhile years has retracted off late, however the pachyderms never disappoints. Kabini like the big cats will still be one of the last strong grounds of this gentle giants.

This is an anthology  of few moments that the forest gifted us during this summer.

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