World Photography Day- A Picture about ‘Hope’

‘The Eyes of Future’

DSC_5158 light cpr red

Behind the clutter of dismay and destruction lies a glimmer of hope that shines bright. The eyes of future shines bright giving us reasons to fight for something that we have destroyed.

While the world is fighting for better numbers and more polished scientific methods of conservation there is Nature surviving naturally.

Nature doesn’t need our help. The forest knows its lessons and rules. There is more than what meets the eye in nature. There is poem hidden in the clutter.

While images and headlines ring our conscience with another gruesome reality, there is a cute little Tiger cub sleeping, trying to hide from the sun with its little paws. The clutter of the  bush is its home. The Tiger cub isn’t really aware the war of conservation the planet is fighting, all it needs is its rightful patch of home like us humans need.

Let photography be our tool to say things of heart with the hands of mind.

They say faith can move mountains, on another World Photography Day let one of our pictures move one heart from any corner of the world in order to build up the movement of saving Wildlife and Nature, which is the at core of our existence

Jr. Kankatti’s cub in Bandhavgarh- 2017