Bamera’s Son

A Mortal’s Tryst with Immortality

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Bandhavgarh has been the womb of some of the most special tigers that have ruled the earth. Legacy follows silently and scripts a story that later becomes an epic.

The stripes changed, the fables didn’t.

His name tells you half the story. T-37 also known as Bamera’s Son is one of the dominant males of Bandhavgarh today. Sired by Kankatti female  T-36 and Bamera male T-63, today T-37 is around 7 years old.

Out of the litter of 3, only one survived and today he has grown up to be one of the finest specimens who rightfully enjoys a piece of the kingdom-Mr. X (Bamera’s son ) arrived to stay. The death of his other two siblings  was attributed to natural causes probably from a marauding male.

The archaic and the modern both were happy. This was a harbinger of new hopes and possibilities. A wandering soul searching for territory soon found his niche in Magadhi.

T-37 became father in 2017. His mate, T-35 gave birth to a litter of 3 cubs making both of them a first time parent.

This family soon became every tiger connoisseur’s favorite. Bamera’s son like his father was a gentle giant. He spent a lot of time with the cubs absorbing their tantrums and looking after them for long hours even when Jr. Kankatti was off hunting for hours, sometimes days.

The dreamland express was suddenly stopped by the news of T-35’s death during October 2017. The forest department in order to protect the then 8 month old cubs enclosed the area, diverting tourist attention.

Lot believed that the caring father probably would have shouldered the responsibility in the absence of the mother, but human intervention ensured that we will never know the possibilities of that option.

Post this incident T-37 has been seen mating with Solo (T-42) the result of which is still awaited with lurking possibility of it being a failed effort.

Today, he stands strong. He is one of the gentlest souls with the heart of a warrior who appears and recedes like the passing winds. He carries the story of his lineage proudly while he writes his own script in the unknown corners of Bandhavgarh.

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